Shed Designs

Shed Designs

Finding The Perfect Shed Design Ideas

If you are building your own shed why not take some time to put a little design into it to create a shed design that is unique and reflects the character of your property. All sheds are essentially a wood box with a roof on it. The difference in a shed design comes from how the elements that make up the shed design are used to create the look you want. The major elements of most shed designs are the roof, trim, windows, siding type and paint. This article has some interesting shed designs that will hopefully inspire you to create a back yard master piece. Click on your favorite shed style below to see our many shed plans.

tage cape cod shed designsCottage Garden Shed Design Trimming your shed with very detailed trimwork creates the look of an english cottage. By adding a steep pitched roof, window, window box and a little extra trim you can have a beautiful garden shed that is at home as a guest bedroom, storage space or kids play house.

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gable roof shed designsGable Garden Shed Designs The gable shed design is the staple of garden sheds. Its simple no frills functionality gives you plenty of storage space at a minimal cost. The gable shed designs vary so you can choose between a pre-hung door or a home built shed door.


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lean to shed designsLean To Shed Designs The lean to shed is probably the simplest of shed plan designs. Its functionality comes from a single plane roof that slopes from one side of the shed to the other.


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modern shed designs or studio shed designsModern Shed Designs Nothing says "home office", or "studio" quite like our modern shed designs. With the contemporary lean to shed roof, lots of windows and glass door you can have a professional office or studio space with no rent and a very short commute through the back yard.

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barn gambrel shed designsGambrel Barn Shed Designs Building a mini barn in your back yard is a great way to get lots of storage space and have a great looking shed.


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greenhouse shed designsGreenhouse Shed Designs A wood greenhouse design uses clear polycarbonate roofing or glass panels to let in lots of sunlight. Work benches built inside can hold all your plants and give a nice surface to work on.


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salt box shed designsSalt Box Shed Designs The saltbox shed design has a long sloping roof on one side and a shorter sloping roof on the other. Its design come from the practice of adding onto the lower level of a house and then extending the roof from the second story down over the new addition. It makes a great shed design.

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horse run in shed designsHorse Run In Shed Designs A run in shed is a shed design that allows animals to "run in" when the weather gets bad. It has no door on the front so the animals can come and go as they wish. The wood skid foundation is designed with tow hooks on it so the shed can be easily moved between pastures as needs change.

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firewood shed designsFirewood Shed Designs Storing firewood works better when you have a shed plan that is made for the job. Seasoning firewood needs plenty of fresh air. The floor in a firewood shed has gaps in it to allow the air to flow up through the wood. The open front allows easy entry to gather wood and let the air circulate.

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generator shed designsGenerator Enclosure Shed Designs Generators need a home of their own to keep them out of the elements and ready to use. Having a shed that makes the generator easy to access and provides plenty of ventilation is essential.


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country living shedMatching The Look Of Your House Using the same architectural elements that you house has creates unifies the property. Matching elements like the shed doors and shed windows to the doors and windows on your house is a perfect place to start if you want your shed to match the look of your house.

country living shedMore Shed Plan Design Ideas Find more design ideas from by visiting this site!


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