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Uses For 16x16 Shed Plans

16x16 is one of our larger shed designs. There are lots of ways that a shed this size can be used. It can be used as overflow living space, a detached garage and even a home office. All of our 16x16 sheds, except for the lean to style are designed to use a roof truss that is manufactured and designed by a local truss plant. On trusses this size it makes easier to meet you local roof loading conditions and the engineering that comes with the 16 foot roof trusses will satisfy your local building department.

We do have a 6 in 12 truss design for the 16 foot sheds that are available upon request. It has not been reviewed by a structural engineer but it was designed following conventions of other 16 foot trusses.

Due to the large size of the 16x16 shed design they are typically required to have a building permit. We recommend that you check with your local building department and find out what is required in your county or town to build a large shed

Our 16x16 shed plan library includes the following shed designs.

The 16x16 shed plans library on our website has a great variety of shed styles to help you build the perfect shed for your needs.

16x16 Lean To Shed Plans: If you are looking for a large lean to shed the 16x16 lean to shed design might be the perfect solution. The lean to shed has one of the simplest roof designs because it uses a single plane roof that is built by spanning from wall to wall with a single board. This allows it to be build close to other buildings or fences and have the water or snow run away from the original structure. Like most of our large lean to shed designs there are door options for the doors to be built on any of the 4 shed walls.

16x16 Gambrel Shed Plans: The gambrel shed looks like a classic barn. The double roof slopes on each side of the roof ridge provide a large amount of additional storage space inside the shed. The 16 x 16 gambrel shed comes with a loft to give you an additional 192 square feet of storage space.

16x16 Modern Shed Plans: The modern shed is a great way to add a stylish flair to your backyard shed project. These sheds are often used as a home office or studio for art projects or working out. The raised wall and addition of windows provides a lot of light on the shed interior.

16x16 Garage Plans: Although not technically a "shed" design. We put our 16x16 Detached garage plans here to show you the options you have. A full set of detached garage plans are different from shed plans in a few ways. They include full concrete foundation plans to allow the concrete to go below the frost line. This also attaches the garage to the ground. They also include hold down straps and they "portal framing" plan from the IRC. This is often helpful when applying for a 16x16 detached garage.

16x16 Shed Foundation Styles

The 16x16 sheds come standard with two foundation plans. These are the wood rail foundation that uses a framed floor and the concrete foundation and floor.

Concrete Slab: The concrete slab foundation and floor is a monolithic design which is poured all at once. The perimeter footing has a 12 inch thick edge and the interior floor is 4 inches thick. Also, when installing a concrete slab there are often additional requirements by the building department because it is considered to be attached to the ground. We recommend that you check locally for required footing depths and other requirements in your area.

Wood Rail Foundation: This is the most used style of foundation for sheds. It consists of pressure treated wood rails set on a bed of gravel. The floor is framed on top of the rails with floor joists at 16 inches on center and the with 3/4" O.S.B. or plywood decking.

Planning To Build A 16x16 Shed

The planning portion of a shed building project is arguably the most important step in building a shed. So before you have a load of lumber delivered to your yard it is recommend to review the following questions:

What size of a large storage shed do I need and want?

What will the 16x16 shed I want cost to build?

Where will I place the shed?

How will the shed affect the other areas in my yard, traffic flow?

What are the local building requirements for building a large shed or detached garage?

Start Building Your 16x16 Shed Today! is the worlds best shed planning resource. We have lots of shed building how to resources to help your learn how to build a shed in your way. The plans are the one of the first steps in planning your shed building project.

In addition to the 16x16 shed "blueprints" plans we also have videos, a shed building manual and web site based instruction. Our How To Build A Shed manual comes with every shed plan. It is an eBook that you can download and study to learn how a large storage shed goes together. The How To manual shows you how to build all the different parts of a shed. It starts with the Wood rail foundation, then goes into the shed floor, shed walls, siding.

If you like watching how to build we have several video series that take you through every step of building either a lean to shed or a regular gable roof shed. The videos cover everything from the foundation to the roofing to painting the shed.


iCreatables website has the worlds largest collection of 16x16 shed plans designs. We are here to provide you with the information to help you build your large shed project. There are several different shed plans shown at the top of this page. So pick one and get building your dream shed today!

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phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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